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"Change enables a Sisterhood to discover its strengths and limitations and to build on the history of our Founders that paved the way for us to provide Greater Service, Greater Progress."

A Message From The Basileus

Soror Shauna Mitchell, Basileus

Chapter History


Epsilon Phi Sigma was chartered on November 7, 1981 in Gretna, LA. Thirteen graduate Sorors came

together to further expand the tenents of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority in the Greater New Orleans area.

Mu Sigma of Baton Rouge, served as the sponsoring chapter, where Soror Marion Jones served as

Basileus. The thirteen charter members were Guamnetta Briggs, Claudia Celestand, Alice Cryer-Sumler,

Carolyn DeBose, Adrienne Doyle Dowden, Cassandra Goins, Melvina Harris, Delores Haynes, Delores

Johns, Hazel Porter, Barbara Starks, Theada Thompson, Valerie Ward.

The chapter has since grown and continues to expand and strengthen its resolve to enhance the

quality of life within the community. Public service, leadership development, and education of youth

are the hallmarks of our organization. Epsilon Phi Sigma is committed to living out our motto of “Greater Service, Greater Progress” as we

continue to be beacons of light in our community.

Meet The Executive Board

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